About Me.

Hello, I'm Jennie & I'm very pleased to meet you! *shakes hand*

I'm an introvert with dreams of being able to fill all my days with shooting as many rolls of film as possible, furiously scribbling down all the thoughts that pop into my head and dancing to my favourite records. I'm a wallflower & a dreamer who probably drinks a little too much coffee and is perhaps guilty of spending too much time thinking about doing something when I should just get stuck in and see what happens. Despite this I was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore, I think it's time I discovered some of my inner bravery! I like the atmosphere in coffee shops, a lot of down-tempo tunes and being surrounded by books. This year I would like to start a record collection full of only my absolute favourite albums and EPs, develop the rolls of film I recently found in an old shoe box and read all of the books that are currently on my shelf.

For the last five years I've been writing a personal blog, Sailboat that started off very much dedicated to beauty and fashion but has now, I think, found a place within the lifestyle category, which I'm incredibly proud of. It has grown into a positive place that I love immerse myself in and this year I'm aiming to write something over there every single day about whatever takes my fancy.

Welcome to The Book Journal! This is somewhere that will hopefully become an equally positive place that you would also like to spend a few minutes of your time each day browsing. I'm always incredibly inspired by the creativity of others and this will be my space to share book news & reviews peppered with music that makes me want to dance (or cry, I love both!), art exhibitions, incredible photographers, films and anything else in between. In short I'm not exactly sure what this space will be for just yet, hopefully I'll figure it out along the way and have a lot of fun doing so...

Cup of tea & a biscuit? I've got hobnobs, chocolate digestives and an array of tea & coffee! Please make yourself comfortable, I would really love for you to stay a while!

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