2015 Bookish Goals

This year I'm taking part in the GoodReads reading challenge for the first time. Last year I read 82 books so I've set my goal at 100. There's no real reason for that particular number, I just figured it should be a challenging number and 100 is nice and round. I'm not going to look at the little counter thingy though because I'm sure there will come a point over the next few months with University deadlines etc where I'll fall however number of books behind. And reading is supposed to be fun, so if I don't make it then that's okay too.

Last year was my first year of reading a lot since my early teens I suppose, and I spent a lot of it focusing on my University reading list. This year I don't have any specific goals in mind other than continuing to read a lot because I'm still figuring out the kind of books I like. With that in mind I'm hoping to try and pick up as many diverse books as I can because I don't want to find myself stuck within just one genre.

Other than that I'd like to figure out what I'd like to do with this space. There are more of you reading now than I ever would have dared to dream might read, which is lovely and amazing and a little scary! Good scary though. The best kind. The kind of scary that's inspiring.

Do you have any book related goals for 2015? 



  1. Good luck with your challenge lovely Jennie!!! <3

  2. Good luck with your goal Jennie, I'm looking forward to reading The Book Journal and following your progress!
    After three years in a row I've decided to skip the Goodreads challenge this year but have set a small goal to finally make time for some re-reads x

  3. Wow as if you read 82 books! That's loads :') Where do you find the time?
    I read 37 and was quite proud of that haha!

    By the way, I'm half way through 'Wonder', after your recommendation and it really is just wonderful! x

    Sam Betteridge

  4. I always mean to give Goodreads a try but never get round to it. I might set myself a challenge too and see how well I can do :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

  5. I've set myself a smaller goal this year - to read 25 books as opposed to the 75 for 2014. I don't think I'm going to have as much spare time this year to read (sad face) plus I want to put some energy into blogging!

    Zoe xoxo

  6. Good luck with your reading challenge Jennie - hopefully your studies will allow you enough time to read 100 books xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  7. I read 56 books last year so I've set my goal for 75! I'm actually really excited about it and the prospect of entering into so many different worlds and learning about so many different things in 2015 :) x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  8. I'm hoping to read some of your recommendations this year - there's a couple that you've talked about a few times before that have caught my eye!
    Hope you keep up with the Goodreads challenge - I got to 52 but forgot to document so many towards the end of the year :( will be following with interest!
    Happy New Year Jennie :) xxx

  9. good luck!! 100 books is an amazing number to strive for!!
    i set a goal of 30 books on goodreads! last year i read something around 60 but i don't know how this year is going to be & how often i'll be able to pick up a book. hopefully i'll surpass 30!! ^-^
    happy new year!!!

  10. Good goal I think! Good luck. Happy new year.

  11. I'm doing a goodreads challenge too (50 books for me) and the Popsugar one. I also want to see if I can do the BookRiot challenge because i loved the categories and it looks like fun.

  12. I'm doing a goodreads challenge too (50 books for me) and the Popsugar one. I also want to see if I can do the BookRiot challenge because i loved the categories and it looks like fun.

  13. 100 is a lovely number and I think reading 82 while studying is really amazing! xo

  14. 100 would be amazing! I set my goal at 50 again, but if I continue at the rate I'm reading now I will definitely surpass that, however, who knows what other distractions the year will bring?!

    I don't have any other reading goals genre-wise or anything, but there are a couple of books I hope to get to. Like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. And maybe finally a Michael Chabon book (I own a lot, but haven't read a single one yet).

  15. My only reading goal is to try to finish all the book series that I started. I like them all and after I finish the 1st book I can't wait to get into the sequel but then another book comes around and I forget about the series completely.
    Andreea Catsfika

  16. good luck on your reading challenge!
    my goal is 75 books this year, hoping i complete it :)
    amelia from wondereads


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