Book A Day Challenge #7 | Childhood Favourite

Day Seven - A Childhood Favourite...
Little Bear's Trousers by Jane Hissey
Little Bear has lost his trousers and on his journey to find them he discovers that the other toys have all used them for something they weren't intended to be used for. These Jane Hissey stories were some of my absolute favourites when I was small and I still adore them to this day! I'm so pleased that I still have some of them on my bookshelves.

What was your favourite book when you were a child?



  1. I had a little bear video tape when I was little (video- I'm so old!)
    My favourite was the last noo noo by jill murphy. It was about a little monster thingy that wouldn't give up his dummy (noo noo) and so he buried one in the garden and it grew a noo noo tree. So funny and cute!

  2. Had to be Enid Blyton's Children of Cherry Tree Farm ... or one of The Famous Fives .... or anything she wrote - such a fan as a kid!

    Steph - http://the-darkness-will-never-win

  3. I loved the Old Bear books and videos! My favourite book when I was little was about a bear who went to watch ballet performances with her owner :) xx


  4. aw i remember her books! so sweet. i love this challenge, finally catching up on it! x

  5. I loved this book when I was little! I still have a copy that I'm saving for one day when I have kids of my own :)


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