Book A Day Challenge #6 | Everyone Should Read - Bookmas Day Six

Day Six - Everyone Should Read...
Wonder by R. J. Palacio
Oh my gosh, this is such a touching read and I cried a lot. Auggie has a facial disfigurement and has been home schooled until it's decided that he should start attending a real school. Needless to say he's pretty terrified about how the other children will react and treat him. All he wants is to be accepted because he feels like any other ordinary ten year old. It's narrated by Auggie and those closest to him and I cried so many happy tears because it's so incredibly heartwarming. Auggie's voice in particular is so clear throughout and I was definitely left with the feeling of wanting to give him a big hug as I finished the final page.

One of the easiest 5 star ratings I've ever given to a book - it's wonderful.

Which book do you think everyone should read? 



  1. I've nominated you for a blog award!
    Happy blogging.

    no superhero

  2. It's not so much one book as a series. For me it has to be His Dark Materials trilogy. I read it so long ago, I must have been about 11 in Year 7. After I finish the final one, The Amber Spyglass, I spent the whole day at school in shellshock. It was a bad few weeks for school and learning as when I was reading them I hid them on my lap beneath the desk so I could carry on reading during class! I was naughty in the geekiest of ways.

  3. I loved this book too. So well written

    Lauren | Calico Skies xx


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