Book A Day Challenge #4 | For Chilly Nights

Day Four... For Chilly Nights...

Last Night in Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel

"Lilia has been leaving people behind for her entire life and she doesn't know how to stop. Haunted by the missing pieces of her memory from early childhood she moves from city to city, still possibly followed by the private detective who has been pursuing her for years."

This is definitely a case of when bad covers happen to incredible books. Looking past that however, I know I keep mentioning this novel but, honestly, I can't stop wanting to talk about it. And I can't even properly explain why, it's just one of those books with such a distinct feeling and atmosphere that has stayed with me. It was undoubtedly going to feature at some point during this challenge and it's wintry setting makes it especially perfect for a chilly night - in fact, I have a feeling a re-read is in order very soon!

Which book would you choose to read on a chilly night? 



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