Unread books on my shelf.

I'm not one to feel any pressure from having a stack of unread books, mostly I just think that I'll get to them eventually but I do feel a little guilty if there's a book on my shelf that I know I probably won't ever pick up. That has encouraged me to be quite particular about the books I choose to buy. I mean, there are so many great novels out there that I think I'll adore, so why would I invest time & money in those that just sound like they'll be okay? I'm always tempted by titles that are incredibly discounted but if I know I'm unlikely to read it any time soon, there's no real need for it to sit on my bookshelf unloved.

A couple of days ago I donated some books I knew I was unlikely to ever get around to and I felt much better about my 'to be read' shelf. I like to have some variety on there at any given time because I'm very much a mood reader. I can't really pick out a stack of books at the beginning of the month and say that I'm going to read them because I might fancy something different when the time comes.

There are currently 25 books (well, I had to buy something boring from amazon & to reach the free delivery minimum spend I thought I'd buy a book I'd been wanting for a little while, so it's actually 26 now) on my to be read shelf. There are a couple of books I have to read for University on there, a couple I've started but put down for another time, a couple I'm currently dipping in and out of, and some that I'm really looking forward to getting to. When the winter sets in I have a bit of a love for crime novels, they're mostly ones I've bought for my Mum (she generally only reads crime novels) and I've kept hold of the ones she quite liked so I know I'll be picking those up soon.

I don't really want it to get too much bigger so I'm thinking of going on a temporary book buying hiatus, or maybe I'll tell myself I have to read a certain amount of books before I can buy a new one. I'm not sure, we'll see!

Do you have a large 'to be read' shelf? 
Or do you prefer to buy a book, read it, and then go and buy a new one?



  1. I have quite a few books to read as well! I've just started Shantaram which is one of those big books with tiny writing so I think my to-read pile will be sitting there til next year haha! I really want to read Burial Rites, I've heard good things...the only one I've read in your list is Northern Lights! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I have a list that never stops growing. Most are e-books because I don't have any more room at my house. If I liked the book, I buy it.

  3. I'm awful for partly reading books and then buying a new one...I need to finish Lena Dunham's book!

    Tara x

    1. Ooh I've been hearing a lot about that one! x

  4. I'm also on a self imposed book buying ban until after Christmas, I have to admit I'm struggling. I'm getting around it though by buying books as presents- that's not cheating right?xo

  5. I really, really want to read Burial Rites, the cover is so striking as well! xx


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